Ghostwriting departments

Our experienced ghostwriters specialize in economics and social work / education. We deliberately kept our range of offerings small to be highly specialized and experienced in providing our services.

It is also independent, whether the tasks come from the direct study at a university, Fernhochschule or further education.

Business texts

Businesses and entrepreneurs often have to write a variety of texts. The associated written internal and external communication is highly relevant nowadays and the effort can be enormous. But not every company has the necessary resources or skills to create attractive texts. This begins with the normal, everyday correspondence and goes to the preparation of company documents and newsletters. Here we come into play as a service provider where you can have business texts written.

In the future, you too can send expressive texts to your customers and employees. We support you as an entrepreneur or as a company in formulating your business correspondence. We create business texts for a variety of occasions and for diverse target groups. Let’s create business texts within and in preparation for your self-employment. Our services in the area of ​​business texts and self-employment include, for example:

  • Formulation of reusable texts for your business correspondence (writing and replying letters to authorities, customers, suppliers or credit institutions)
  • Creation of a business plan
  • Formulation of editorial texts for your homepage
  • Formulation of texts for internal and external newsletters
  • Creation of texts for your employee or customer magazine
  • Proofreading and editing of existing business records

Let us support you and our experience. The resulting benefits for you are, for example.

You gain time to focus on your core competencies.

They improve your communication internally and externally, i. to your employees as well as to customers, suppliers and business partners.

They increase the perceived professionalism.

You can win additional orders and increase sales.

You gain time that you can spend on your family by outsourcing works text works.

We look forward to assisting you in formulating and creating your correspondence and business text. With us you will gain a reliable contact person who will always be at your side with help and advice. Let us formulate business texts for your company and your independence through us.